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Malgosia Migdal was born and raised in the town of Gdansk, Poland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. From an early age she enjoyed making her surroundings warm and inviting, and was naturally drawn to the dynamics of interior design. One of her mother’s closest friends was in the design business and Malgosia fondly remembers listening to tales of the latest design trends – all the while wanting to be a part of this exciting world.


Malgosia is an avid traveler, having visited over 40 countries. Each trip that she takes usually ties in to an upcoming project or the need for additional research on a specific era or style. Travel also allows Malgosia to step outside the box and view the entire interior design industry as a bigger entity. She attributes her rich understanding of culture and design to her many travels and upbringing in Europe. 


Malgosia is able to meld old and new in any setting, giving even the smallest space a personalized sense of beauty.





In a world of endless finishes, materials, and products, the end result of any interior design project is infinite - but it takes a true innovator to compile these elements and cultivate them into an inventive reality. With unique environments that are both visually stunning and functional, Malgosia Migdal and Malgosia Migdal, LLC raise the bar by breathing new life into spaces large and small. 


The boutique design firm was founded 20 years ago when Malgosia opened the doors of her office in the heart of Beverly Hills. 


With most of the Southern California landscape at her fingertips, Malgosia has gained a true following, including some of the area's most prominent entrepreneurs, business owners, film elite and socialites.